Plump (not pimp) My Wedding

* In an attempt to post and not wait for permission or validation, from now on, you get the post- straight, no chaser. Maybe it cuts off in the middle- but that’s my life.

OK crew… (well, no one since I haven’t publicized this blog yet)…

I’m planning a wedding, and in some ways I want to do this all myself, and not ask anyone for anything. On the other hand, I desperately want help, and can’t see how I’ll be able to make the most mundane decisions by the time this is all over. I am soooo not a fashion person, or a decor person, and as you’ll figure out, even thinking about these things generates crazy-making self-doubt shite that (say that last part in a “Dr. Cox from Scrubs” voice). So I’ll be posting things here and you, dear reader, can help me wade through this.

The Date:

December 29, 2010. It’s actually the anniversary of a friend, and I picked it because it was a comfortable date in December (the man picked December).

Here are pics from that (other, pre-Sweet Intended) wedding.

What occurs to me from these pictures (which I took most of, BTW- whatever that means) is that I do not care about all the decor stuff I am currently obsessed about. I want pictures of the people; candids that show what we were doing and how much fun we had doing it. Helpful, as I continue to plan my own shit. Nice.


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