My Life List (as of Dec. 2012)

1.     Direct the Barack Hussein Obama Presidential Library- serve as the first and founding director of the library in Chicago, IL (or Hawaii)
2.     Visit Africa
3.     Speak at TED
4.     Start/found TED/Sex
5.     Win a dissertation fellowship worth at least $25,000
6.     Speak Spanish well enough to…
7.     Go on a tour of embargoed Cuba
8.     Write Blue Jesus… and perform it
9.     Perform Love L8trs, fully staged
10.  Finish crocheting an afghan
11.  Have a $5,000 CD
12.  Develop a signature style and wardrobe
13.  Get photos and video from Dale, Deogracias/Know Theatre, Available Light, Ari Vandenberg
14.  Have two publishable articles completed
15.  Pay off all non-educational debt
16.  Buy/manage a car with ease
17.  Record a 13-15 track CD
18.  Complete a draft of a book
19.  Have a dress that makes me feel like Sasha Fierce
20.  Learn how to do a smoky eye
21.  Set up my professional website
22.  Blog at least twice monthly
23.  Go on vacation with the girls
24.  Complete a personal photo shoot annually
25.  Get my passport
26.  Master a signature meal
27.  Defend my dissertation proposal successfully
28.  Take voice lessons
29.  Have Patricia Hill Collins as my outside dissertation committee member
30.  Make my creativity scrapbook
31.  Write 25 “fan” letters
32.  Write a letter to the girl children for their 16th birthdays
33.  Develop personal 10 commandments
34.  Write a list of things I know for sure
35.  Learn to pole dance
36.  Print and frame wedding readings
37.  Get a juicer and use it regularly
38.  Compile my “dip and toppings” cookbook
39.  Make great Chicken Tikka Masala
40.  Develop an affirming Xmas activity
41.  Front a band for at least an entire set
42.  Have a spa day
43.  Start writing down family stories
44.  See “So You Think You Can Dance” live
45.  Host New Year’s Day brunch
46.  Take photography class
47.  Find and use a trustworthy and honest accountant
48.  Sing in Clabbergirl reunion
49.  See Cincinnati Ballet’s Nutcracker
50.  Write an erotic short story
51.  Make a pound cake
52.  Make Cynthia’s chicken tacos
53.  Buy great new sheets
54.  Go to Paris
55.  Live in San Francisco, well
56.  Defend the dissertation March 2014
57.  Stain my dresser
58.  Make books of all our weddings
59.  Wine in Jamaica until I sweat
60.  Help establish Erica J. Holloman scholarship
61.  Parent a caramel baby to successful adulthood
62.  Publish trauma-informed STD prevention/treatment model
63.  Publish college sex ed evaluation tool
64.  Get a back and chest facial once monthly
65.  Live in a hacienda-style house with plenty of space
66.  Perfect the “Drag Queen Makeunder” look
67.  Find the “Ghetto Nursery Rhymes” book
68.  Retrieve files from broken hard drive
69.  Go to Amsterdam
70.  Do the Ph.D. cruise with mom
71.  Do the Kentucky Derby, big
72.  See Peyton Manning play in Denver
73.  Zipline in Puerto Rico
74.  Perfect my mushroom garden
75.  Take the “Fearless Solos” class
76.  Finish the roses on my tattoo
77.  Rock out ASA, SSSI, SSSP, SWS/ABS in New York (August 2013)
78.  Get a book contract for dissertation work
79.  Meet Michelle Obama
80.  Speak at UC/USF/SFSU/Spelman/Morehouse/CDC on dissertation research
81.  Have dinner with Oprah
82.  Have dinner with Nikki Giovanni
83.  Have dinner with Sonia Sanchez
84.  Have dinner with Elaine Brown
85.  Have dinner with Dr. Maya Angelou
86.  Be on a board with Spencer Crew
87.  Consult for the Smithsonian
88.  Consult for a contract with $100,000 personal fee
89.  Build and design my library/workroom
90.  Ride a horse regularly
91.  Take class with Cheryl Burke
92.  Hang out with Vera Roberts
93.  Do project with Heather Corinna
94.  Get Melissa Harris-Perry to read and comment on my stuff
95.  Renew my vows and get my first look
96.  Do a Trash the Dress Shoot (that doesn’t Trash the Dress)
97.  Digitize all my files and important papers with offsite storage
98.  Have a successful TV show
99.  Win a step show

100.  Learn to love and be successful at completing projects


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